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Royal    40


Episode 13.2: Encounter - Pre-Renewal
Rates: 100x/100x - Balanced
Drop Normal Items/Equipments: 25x
Drop Mini-Bosses Equipment: 25x
Drop MVP Equipment: 10x (Edited: MVP Settings)
Normal Cards: 0.50%
MVP/Mini-Bosses Cards: 0.01%
Quest Rates: 10x
Pet/Homunculus Intimacy: 10x
Multi Level Up: Yes
Max Level: 99/70
Max Stats: 99
Max ASPD: 190
Instant Cast: 150 Dex
BG/WOE/PVP Consumables

Battleground 4.0
Multiple Refiner
Fantasy System
Hunting Missions
House Rental
Card System
Vending System
Restock System
Race of the Day
2500+ Costume Items
Guild House System

@go @storage @autotrade(@at) @noks @autoloot(@alootid, @aloottype) 
@time @uptime @showexp @changegm @homstats @mobinfo @whodrops @request
@duel(@reject, @leave) @homstats @mobinfo(@mi) @iteminfo(@ii) @whodrops
@refresh @spb @hold @guildhouse @joinevent @lgp @aoes @circle @square @shake
@packetfilter @battleinfo @alink @settings @joinevent @restock @hold

@bg : Open a chat window that allows you to choose the color and the Game.
Join Battleground Queue
@leavebg : Leave Battleground Queue
@listenbg : Display or not Battleground announces
@order : Shout an announce to your team
@leader : Team Leader can give leadership to a teammate
@reportafk / @votekick : Report an AFK player
@guildskill : Cast a guild skill
@telma : Call Telma's Shop
@erundek : Call Erundek's Shop

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